Google AdWords


Google Ads are formerly known as Google AdWords. It is the only most effective PPC(Pay Per Click) advertising system in Digital Marketing. This advertising is one of the most effective techniques of accumulating quality leads traffic to your landing page or website of your business. Google Adwords is a one-stop destination for not only running paid search campaigns but also analyzing them.


Why you need Google Adwords for your business?

Here are some following things:-

  • Acquire more leads – Effective PPC ads bring your target audience to your website or landing page.
  • Cost-effective ads budget – You can run ads on Google Adwords as per your budget. Apart from it, you have also the freedom to choose the time slots and the duration of your ads to run.
  • Invite all kinds of Audience – You can attract all kinds of customers via Google Adwords. Such as local buyers that live near your shop or office or international customers that are your target audience in spite of physical distances.
  • Pay only for a visit – Pay only when a potential customer clicks your ad or when he or she calls you. It is one of the best features of Google Adwords.
  • Target the Audience at the right time – With Google Adwords you get to target customers at specifically the same time as they are seeking services or products on the web.

Solars Web Offers Best In Class AdWords Service

Acquire more targeted traffic and leads with the help of Google Adwords experts at Solars Web. Our dedicated team of PPC experts will set up and run Google AdWords campaigns successfully. Apart from it, we will share a detailed report on the progress of the ongoing campaign. It includes full details of impressions, clicks, and conversions and discusses with you on the way forward.

Our Google Adwords services include:-

  • Adwords Campaigns Setup – We set-up your Google Adwords account and campaign easily and quickly. We are really expert in well-researched keywords and building ad groups and campaigns to writing crisp and targeted pay per click ads, adding budget and determining campaign rules. We take care of each detail in setting up a Google Adwords account for your business.
  • Reorganize or Manage Existing Google Adwords Campaigns – You may already have a Google Adwords campaign that is not returning results as per your expectations. In such a situation, you may consult our PPC specialists who will organize your AdWords campaign and assure that it generates more quality results. Our organization will handle your existing AdWords campaigns to maximize ROI, lower spending and boost conversions.
  • Deep Analysis and Reporting – We analyze your Google Adwords account to yield an appropriate report with you. The report includes the accurate details of impressions, clicks, and conversions garnered through the PPC campaigns. Multiple traffic sources, locations, customer demographics, mobile device types and OS are some other key data points. We will share the report to help you with understanding your clients and their behavior. It will help you to serve your target audience better.

Why should you choose the Solars Web?

Solars Web is one of the leading AdWords management companies that can fulfill all business ad requirements. Having the right blueprint is necessary for success. Solars Web leads the way by using various smart strategies of PPC.

Our commitment and strong dedication to an effective Adword campaign will bring huge growth to your business. We will easily convert your targeted audience into the leads for your business. Get a Google AdWords service quote now!

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